Friday, November 16, 2007

Project meeting in Lodz, Poland

In October 22-27, 2007, the three teams met in Lodz, Poland.
The objective of this project meeting was to plan the activities and establish the responsibilities of each team for the 2nd year of the project.
On Monday, we were met by our Polish partner, Ewelina, and we had the afternoon off to rest after the long trip to Lodz and to wander through the city.
On Tuesday we met at the Polish school, and we presented the schools and the activities within the project so far.
On Wednesday we worked on the activity plan for the second year of the project. According to this plan, the Polish school will work on the new collection of games and a game about the European countries involved in the project; the Turkish team will work on upgrading the project website, so that the e-book and all the activities and end products for each peoject year be promoted on the website; and the Romanian team will keep the diary of the project through the project blog and work on the video documentary of the project. This documentary will also be published on the website.
On Thursday we visited a historical Polish city, Torun. There we visited the ruins of the Teuton Knights Castle, a beautiful church and the Planetarium.
On Friday we went on a sightseeing tour of Lodz and we spent some nice time at the Manufaktura (a former factory, now transformed into a fashionable leisure and shopping centre).
We had the opportunity to taste the Polish cuisine, as each day we had lunch and dinner in another restaurant.
The students participating at the meeting were hosted by local families. In the morning they had activities at school and in the afternoon their programme was organised by the host families.
Some of the Romanian students' opinions:
"It was an unforgetable experience and great fun. At first I thought differently because the Polish were not as open as the Romanians. But in the end everything was OK. The host family was very nice. I liked the city very much. Lodz is a very old city and this makes it special. The school in Lodz was ... different. I cannot compare it with our school. But the school is clean, with nice students. The last day spent there was unforgetable: we went to the Zoo and then we had a lot of spare time, only us, the teenagers. We went to the cinema at the Manufaktura, then we had lots of fun at the leisure centre. I did not sleep at all the last night there. I walked out in the garden and took advantage of the last hours there. We made special friends there and I'm looking forward to see them again in Romania." Izabela
"I liked the trip to Lodz. But I did not like the host family, for they did not make me feel good there. The host school is nice, but the classes are not so good, because the teachers don't challenge the students to study. The thing I liked best was the flight to Warsaw. It was for the first time I travelled by plane. I was also impressed by the trip to Torun. I also liked the last day spent in Lodz, for we had it to ourselves, without the presence of the teachers. I hope April comes faster so that we can meet again." Angelica

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